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Office Hours

Office Hours Participate in scheduled office hours with Core Knowledge staff fielding any questions that participating educators may have about Core Knowledge. More…

Core Knowledge Bookstore

Core Knowledge Bookstore Our online bookstore is dedicated to providing materials and resources that directly correlate with the Core Knowledge Sequence. More…


Professional Development 

Turnkey Professional Development Kits are available for free download. You can access workshop training materials through the Core Knowledge Sequence Implementation Resources Guide. 

If you are looking for a trainer to conduct any of the Turnkey Professional Development Kit workshops, or are interested in a school visit, please contact one of our Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals. These educators have experience in planning and implementation of the Core Knowledge Sequence and can assist you with on-site professional development and support. Only individuals designated as Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals on our website are permitted to offer on-site Core Knowledge training for a fee. They will always use the certification emblem when communicating with schools.

Core Knowledge Leadership Institute

The Core Knowledge Leadership Institute will be held in Charlottesville, VA.  The cost to participate is $500.00. Please refer to our calendar of events for upcoming Leadership Institutes and registration information.