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  • Lesson plan The Kindergarten Book of Sayings

    Subject(s): Language Arts/English
    Content Area(s): Sayings and Phrases
    The kindergarten sayings are explored and discussed, one in each lesson, with students illustrating a page in a book for most sayings showing themselves in a situation in their lives where the saying …

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten Music with a Core Knowledge Twist

    Subject(s): Art and Music
    This unit introduces the kindergarten student to basic music theory concepts that have contrasting qualities. Aspects of duration (long/short), tempo (fast/slow), dynamics (loud/soft), and melody (sam…

  • Lesson plan Poetry Pals Preschool and Kindergarten Working Cooperatively

    The unit uses cooperative learning to enhance preschool and kindergarten skills and content through nursery rhymes. The unit incorporates skills such as: rhythmic patterns, art, vocabulary, dramatizat…

  • Lesson plan Teaching Language Arts in Kindergarten Using Stories, Aesop’s Fables, and Tall Tales

    Subject(s): Language Arts/English
    Content Area(s): Storybook Reading and Storytelling, Reading and Writing
    …by, Setting, Main Characters, Problem, Solution, Events and Story Mapping while exploring the Kindergarten Core Knowledge Sequence of Stories, Aesop’s Fables and Tall Tales.

  • Lesson plan Zip to Zowie Math Exploration in a PreKindergarten Classroom

    Subject(s): Mathematics
    Content Area(s): Patterns and Classification, Geometry
    Create a classroom environment that promotes and develops math concepts in a pre-kindergarten classroom. This unit focuses on the development of centers that foster exploration and mastery of sorting …

  • Lesson plan Earth Kids: Kindergarteners Taking Care of the Earth

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Taking Care of the Earth
    This unit helps students understand conservation-related vocabulary while they participate in hands-on activities for learning how to take responsibility for the environment. Through read alouds and a

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Animals and Their Needs” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Animal Characteristics, Needs and Development

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Introduction to Magnetism” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Introduction to Magnetism

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Plants and Plant Growth” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Plants and Plant Growth

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Seasons and Weather” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Seasons and Weather

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Taking Care of the Earth” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Taking Care of the Earth

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “The Human Body (Five Senses)” Assessment

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): The Five Senses, Human Body

  • Lesson plan Kindergarten “Wilbur and Orville Wright” Assessment

    Subject(s): History and Geography
    Content Area(s): Orville and Wilbur Wright

  • Lesson plan Teaching About Magnets in Kindergarten

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Magnetism
    This unit will give students an opportunity to explore magnets. Through exploration, group discussions, and teacher-directed activities, students will be able to identify everyday uses of magnets. Stu

  • Lesson plan Teaching Musical Instruments in Kindergarten

    Subject(s): Music
    Content Area(s): Attention to Differences in Sound, Imitate and Produce Sounds, Sound
    This unit will give students an opportunity to explore with and listen to the sounds of various instruments. Students will also make instruments representing the elements of percussion, string and win


    Subject(s): History and Geography
    …an exciting and intriguing part of any school’s curriculum. The Core Knowledge Sequence for Kindergarten focuses on many very important figures in American History. By using stories, hands-on projec…

  • Lesson plan FREEDOM

    Subject(s): Art and Music
    Freedom - A Kindergarten through 6th grade school music program - celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! This year the students of Frontier Academy have been learning to appreciate an…

  • Lesson plan How Does Your Garden Grow

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Plants and Plant Growth, Taking Care of the Earth
    Kindergarten is a unique time in a child’s life. All kindergarten students are new to the educational process, so it is important to teach them in a way they can learn. We think that one of the best…

  • Lesson plan Pumpkin Investigators

    Subject(s): Science
    Content Area(s): Living Things and Their Environments
    This unit of study is related to plants and plant growth. Kindergarten students will be involved in developmentally appropriate lessons. The students will gain an understanding of the concept of plant…

  • Lesson plan The Case of the Missing Letters

    …s using concepts and skills from the Language Arts portion of the Core Knowledge Sequence for Kindergarten. It combines using the letters in children’s names as well as letters pertinent to specific…

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