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News from Our Schools

News from Our Schools Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, a Core Knowledge School of Distinction with honors for their expert implementation of CKLA and well-planned curriculum support. More…

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards The Core Knowledge Foundation supports the common standards initiative. Voluntary standards are "a not-to-be-missed opportunity" for American education. —E. D. Hirsch, Jr. More…

Domain-Based Units

The Core Knowledge domain-based units leverage Core Knowledge content to improve the development of students' language, knowledge, and reading comprehension. The units are exemplary models that demonstrate the spirit and intent of Core Knowledge through content-rich and vocabulary-rich instruction.

History & Geography

Grade 3, Ancient Rome

Grade 4, Robin Hood: Hero or Criminal

Grade 4, World Geography

Grade 5, Go West, Young Man

Grade 5, A Nation Divided: Pre-Civil War Era

Grade 5, Westward Expansion before the Civil War

Grade 5, MesoAmerican Civilizations

Grade 7, Through the Eyes of a Young Girl: World War II and the Holocaust


Grade 4, Go Back in Time and Get a Handel on the Baroque and Classical Eras


Kindergarten, Plants

Grade 1, Electricity

Grade 2, Insects

Grade 4, Geology: The Earth and Its Changes

Grade 4, Meteorology: Storm Chasing