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CKLA Implementation Resources Guide

CKLA Implementation Resources Guide Support your implementation with on-demand webinars, turnkey training materials, video clips and more. More…

Realms of Gold Series

Realms of Gold Series All the shorter literary works—poems, stories, essays, speeches and autobiographical excerpts—specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence for Grades 6–8 are conveniently anthologized in three grade-level volumes. More…

Core Knowledge Classic Lesson Plans

The Core Knowledge Foundation now encourages the use of domain-based units.  The lesson plans here do not adhere to the domain-based unit format, but can be a helpful starting point for the creation of domain-based units.

This collection contains units and lessons developed by teachers at Core Knowledge schools and presented at Core Knowledge National Conferences prior to 2011. These lesson plans, which cover specific topics from the Preschool Sequence and the K-8 Sequence, are available for download at no charge.  

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Sixth Grade



Seventh Grade


First Grade

Eighth Grade

Physical Education

Second Grade


Special Education

Third Grade

Art & Music


Fourth Grade



Fifth Grade



About the Lesson Plans

Some lesson plans refer to appendices that are not included in the PDF file; unfortunately, these appendices are unavailable due to copyright or other issues beyond our control. Please note the following:

  • The Core Knowledge Foundation extends its thanks to all teachers who have contributed.
  • These units and lessons reflect the teaching philosophies and strategies of their authors, and do not represent an official Foundation statement of the "best" way to teach Core Knowledge projects.
  • These units have not been reviewed by content area experts, and the Foundation is not responsible for any inaccuracies that may appear within them.

The Best "Share the Knowledge" Units

Since 1992, the annual Core Knowledge National Conference has given teachers an opportunity to share their best ideas and practices. Now, after ten years, we have decided to collect the best of those "Share the Knowledge" units. These units are displayed in bold.

The submission format required for the 2011 Core Knowledge National Conference will be the new domain-based unit format.