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FAQ: Homeschool Answers

I really like the Core Knowledge curriculum. What do you have to offer to a homeschooling environment?

Almost all of our products are appropriate for use in a homeschool situation.  The content and skill guidelines for preschool and prekindergarten (children three- to five-years-old) are provided in theThe Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook.

The content and skill guidelines for kindergarten through grade eight are provided in the Core Knowledge Sequence.  Teacher handbooks are also available for kindergarten through grade five.

The Core Knowledge What Your—Grader Needs to Know series was created specifically for parents. In one convenient volume per grade–from What Your Preschooler Needs to Know through What Your Sixth Grader Needs to Know –this eight-volume series provides parents, teachers, and children with an engaging, illustrated introduction to the important knowledge outlined in the Preschool Sequence and the Sequence.

These publications form the foundation of the curriculum, guiding the content you will teach.  Additional resources for specific content areas are available in our bookstore.

These materials can be augmented with materials from your public library or local bookstore.


What reading programs do you recommend to homeschoolers?

Although the Core Knowledge Sequence provides skills and content for each grade level, you may be more successful augmenting this guidance with specific lesson plans designed by other vendors to address a structured and sequential approach to teaching this content.

Reading requires two abilities — the ability to turn print into language (decoding) and the ability to understand what the language says. Achieving the first ability — decoding — requires a sequential program, structured to provide guided practice in various formats and frequent review throughout the year. Decoding programs that are premised on scientifically-based research are: Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar (Jolly Learning), Open Court (SRA/McGraw-Hill), Read Well (Sporis West), Reading Mastery Signature Edition (SRA/McGraw-Hill).

In addition to teaching decoding skills, a good language arts program will include coherent and interesting readings in the subject areas that enhance comprehension ability. No language arts program currently offers such coherent, substantive material. Therefore, in addition to teaching the language topics in the Sequence, Core Knowledge teachers are encouraged to substitute solid, interesting non-fictional readings in history and science for many of the short, fragmented stories in the basals, which unfortunately do not effectively enhance reading comprehension.


What Mathematics programs do you recommend to homeschoolers?

It is important to establish sequential program in mathematics, structured to provide guided practice in various formats and frequent review throughout the year. Mathematics programs that follow sound cognitive principles and therefore lead to greater student mastery are: Singapore Math (distributed by Marshall Cavendish) and Saxon Math (Saxon Math / Harcourt Achieve).


Where can I find materials to support the Core Knowledge curriculum?

The Core Knowledge Bookstore is a good place to start.  We carry a variety of materials to supplement the content and skill guidelines of the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook and the Core Knowledge Sequence for grades K through 8.

The "resources" page of our website will provide links  to unit and lesson plans, vendors and partners whose material supports the Core Knowledge curriculum, and a variety of other helpful resources.


How can homeschoolers network?

You can communicate with other Core Knowledge homeschoolers through an online discussion list setup by Core Knowledge homeschoolers for Core Knowledge homeschoolers.  To subscribe to this list, send a blank e-mail to: ckhomeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Contact ckhomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Also available is the Core-Net Discussion List. This is a discussion group for those schools, both private and public, and individuals who are implementing the Core Knowledge Sequence in their curriculum. Areas covered include, but are not limited to, resources and teaching methods. To subscribe to the Core-Net Discussion List, send a blank e-mail to Core-Net-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Contact Morgan Willemse at tmwillemse@a1solidedu.com with questions about this group.