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Grace Abounding

Grace Abounding The Core Knowledge Anthology of African-American Literature, Music and Art. Celebrating the Genius of a People. More…

Core Classics Series

Core Classics Series Faithful to the style, plot, and themes of the originals, Core Classics are helpful classroom editions of the literary works listed in the Core Knowledge Sequence. More…

Fifth Grade Lesson Plans

Titles that appear in bold represent the best of the "Share the Knowledge" units presented over the years at Core Knowledge National Conferences.

Language Arts/English

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage
II. Poetry
III. Fiction and Drama
IV. Speeches
V. Sayings and Phrases

History and Geography


I. Geography
II. Meso-American Civilizations
III. European Exploration, Trade, and Clash of Cultures
IV. Renaissance and Reformation
V. England from the Golden Age to the Glorious Revolution
VI. Russia: Early Growth and Expansion
VII. Feudal Japan


I. Westward Expansion
II. Civil War
III. Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts

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