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Starter Kits

Starter Kits Ready to move to the next grade? Not sure what materials you need to get started with Core Knowledge? We have made it easy by offering these easy-to-order starter kits for preschool through grade 5.  More…

Success Stories

Success Stories Learn how Core Knowledge schools in nearly every state are succeeding with a sequenced, solid, specific, and shared curriculum. More…

Core Knowledge International Schools

Core Knowledge Official Schools are starred (**).  Grade levels served are listed in parentheses.

Albanian International School, Tirana, Albania (P-8)

Al Yasat Private School, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (P–5)

Discovery Learning Academy, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China (P–K)

Fieldstone School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (P–12)**

Ocean English, Taipei, Taiwan (K-6)

The Praecepti School, Santa Maria, Philippines (PreK-K)

Richland Academy, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (P–8)

Sanabil Private School, Manama, Bahrain (P–12)

St. Augustine Preparatory School, Managua, Nicaragua (P-12) - Job Listing: MS ELA Teachers

TASIS the American School in England, Thorpe, Surrey, England (P–12)

TASIS the American School in Switzerland, Montagnola, Switzerland (P–8)

Civitas Partnership

In 2011, the Core Knowledge Foundation began an important parntership with Civitas, a like-minded British organization, making the Core Knowledge program available to schools throughout the United Kingdom.

May 2014 – The West London Free School, one of the Core Knowledge pilot schools working with Civitas, is looking for an assistant head teacher. If interested, you can find more information and apply through the West London Free School's website.