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Teacher Handbooks

Teacher Handbooks The Teacher Handbook series for preschool to grade 5 consists of the Teacher Handbooks, Instructional Masters, Art Resources, and Text Resources. More…

Realms of Gold Series

Realms of Gold Series All the shorter literary works—poems, stories, essays, speeches and autobiographical excerpts—specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence for Grades 6–8 are conveniently anthologized in three grade-level volumes. More…

FAQ: Homeschool

Core Knowledge is used by many homeschooling families. If you are looking for a "curriculum in a box" with lesson plans for each day and content area, Core Knowledge may not be for you.

Core Knowledge offers suggested content to be taught at each grade level and materials aligned with each content area, around which you can build you own lessons and units. Although our lesson plan pages include a collection of units and lessons developed by teachers at Core Knowledge schools and presented at Core Knowledge National Conferences, you will likely have to create additional lessons or units to teach all of the Core Knowlege content

For more information on homeschooling with Core Knowledge, please see the frequently asked questions below: