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Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals

Experienced CK Educators, Leaders, & Trainers

The Core Knowledge Foundation's goal is to provide schools interested in using Core Knowledge with multiple, flexible options for implementation support, so schools can choose the options that work best for them. These options include using the array of free resources in the Core Knowledge Sequence Implementation Resources Guide so that schools and districts may choose to conduct their own Core Knowledge training at their sites, conducted by their own staff, when it is most convenient—without incurring the costs associated with bringing an outside trainer on-site.

Included in that Guide are introductions and overviews of what Core Knowledge is at the pre-K and K–8 levels, as well as the following specific turnkey workshops:



We recognize, however, that some schools may prefer on-site professional development delivered by an experienced Core Knowledge educator, rather than by their own school or district leaders. With the start of 2016, on-site Core Knowledge professional development will be offered through Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals. If you are interested in one of the pre-K or K–8 Core Knowledge trainings delivered by a consultant at your school for a fee, please direct your inquiries to one or more of the Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals.

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