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Best Practices

Best Practices The Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook offers guidance based on research and best practices in early childhood education. More…

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards The Core Knowledge Foundation supports the common standards initiative. Voluntary standards are "a not-to-be-missed opportunity" for American education. —E. D. Hirsch, Jr. More…

Implementation Analysis Tools

Ensuring the Fidelity of Your Core Knowledge Implementation

The following tools will assist you in ensuring the fidelity of your Core Knowledge implementation:

Core Knowledge Implementation Guide

Core Implementation Practices: A Guide to Effective Implementation of Core Knowledge (Revised 2015). The Core Implementation Practices Guide is part of a suite of tools that is essential for schools wishing to implement Core Knowledge with a high degree of fidelity. These tools are designed to guide planning, implementation, development, and evaluation of Core Knowledge programs.

Watch the webinar, What it Means To Be a Core Knowledge School, for an introduction to the Core Implementation Practices.

Implementation Feedback

The Implementation Feedback Rubric is used throughout your implementation to evaluate the progress of your implementation of the Core Knowledge Sequence. The tool offers a means for feedback in various areas of implementation, describing what each area might look like as it emerges, develops, and finally exemplifies the Core Implementation Practices. The rubric can also be used to conduct a high-level self evaluation of your implementation.

Curriculum Planning Tools

The curriculum planning tools aid in planning your Core Knowledge Sequence implementation. Although use of the Core Knowledge templates is not required, the Core Knowledge rubrics will be used to evaluate your implementation and ensure key components of your instructional documentation.

Analysis of Curriculum and Practices Visit

The Core Knowledge Foundation offers services to aid and evaluate your curriculum implementation. The hallmark of these is rigorous review, conducted by a team of Core Knowledge Foundation representatives, will evaluate a school's eligibility to be designated a Core Knowledge School of Distinction. For more about this distinction, please review the School of Distinction page. During the analysis visit, the Core Knowledge Foundation team will assess the level of commitment to the Core Knowledge curriculum and approach and evaluate the extent to which the implementation practices have been met.

The following documents are representative of the types and content of tools used during the analysis visit:

Attaining a School of Distinction status offers many benefits for your school, including national recognition on our website and use of a special Core Knowledge School of Distinction logo.