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Best Practices

Best Practices The Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook offers guidance based on research and best practices in early childhood education. More…

Evaluate Your Preschool Program

Evaluate Your Preschool Program The Preschool Snapshot: Implementation and Obsesrvation Checklists will guide a quality implementation of the Preschool Sequence. More…

Head Start

The Core Knowledge preschool program provides the tools that Head Start agencies and teachers need to create a successful experience for children, and to satisfy all federally mandated requirements related to the educational component of their program.

The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and Teacher Handbook can provide your Head Start program with:

  • A structured, sequenced curriculum that addresses the needs of at-risk preschoolers in all areas of development: social and emotional skills, work habits, oral language and early literacy skills, motor coordination skills, and general knowledge (math, science, art, and music).

  • Goals and objectives very closely aligned to the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework.

  • Comprehensive professional development and support services for staff to ensure effective use of the program. Contact a Core Knowledge Licensed Professional today.

  • Ideas for encouraging parent involvement including guidelines for monthly parent meetings, home lending libraries, and home literacy programs during the summer. Contact the Preschool Department for more information.


Coming from the Baltimore City Public School System, I was very pleased to find the Head Start Program using Core Knowledge. It has given me a foundation, a set of clear goals, and a great assessment tool upon which I can depend. I enjoy using Core Knowledge because I can see the children learning new skills, and feel myself becoming a better teacher.

—Keiska Brown, preschool teacher