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Core Knowledge Language Arts in Action

Teachers Respond Enthusiastically

"Last year I visited the Museum of Natural History with my first grade students, and as we were walking through the ancient Egyptian exhibit in the museum, the students were amazed that they were getting to see things in person that they were learning about all month. Not only were the students amazed, but other museum goers and tourists were amazed at the rich vocabulary that was coming out of these little six year olds' mouths. The students were able to recognize everything from the Sphinx to the sarcophagus, it was truly rewarding as a teacher to see this happening as a result of teaching this rigorous curriculum."

– Jena Peluso, Goldie Maple Academy, New York City, New York

Read more teachers' responses to CKLA.

David Coleman Praises CKLA

David Coleman, the chief architect of the Common Core standards and now the president of the College Board, is a fervent supporter of CKLA. At the CUNY Institute for Education Policy event shown here, he implored educators and policymakers to take CKLA everywhere.

A Glimpse into CKLA Classrooms

"More Than Words: An Early Grades Reading Programs Builds Skills and Knowledge," by Jennifer Dubin, American Educator, Fall 2012.

Envisioning a Common Core CurriculumAmerican Educator, Winter 2012.

In addition to the recent articles featuring the Core Knowledge Language Arts program, the following videos offer a closer look at each strand through teachers who successfully implemented CKLA during the pilot.

What Pilot Students, Principals, and Teachers Have to Say

Principals, teachers, and students from PS 96Q and PS 104Q share their experiences as part of the CKLA pilot program. Can't get enough of Olivia? Check out this video!

Principal Joyce Barrett-Walker, P.S. 96

In this video, PBS's John Merrow looks at how Common Core State Standards will change reading instruction in U.S. schools. P.S. 96 in Queens, NY is among the schools profiled. Says Principal Joyce Barrett-Walker, "When I look at the expectations with Common Core learning standards, we're where we need to be right now!"

Kindergarten Teachers, Three Oaks Elementary School

Five kindergarten teachers discuss their experience piloting CKLA at Three Oaks Elementary School.

Kindergarten Teacher, Oklahoma City Public Schools

Teirney Cook interviews Kindergarten teacher Melinda Elms, who describes the success of the reading program in this Oklahoma City public school.

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