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Starter Kits Ready to move to the next grade? Not sure what materials you need to get started with Core Knowledge? We have made it easy by offering these easy-to-order starter kits for preschool through grade 5.  More…

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Success Stories Learn how Core Knowledge schools in nearly every state are succeeding with a sequenced, solid, specific, and shared curriculum. More…

Join the Core Knowledge Community

All schools that understand the power of building students' knowledge and skills with Core Knowledge's coherent, grade-by-grade Sequence are welcome to join our community. Schools implementing Core Knowledge commit to the following goals:

  • To teach all of the topics included in the Core Knowledge Sequence
  • To teach the topics to all students whenever possible, at the Sequence grade level, moving topics only when necessary to meet explicit state expectations
  • To exemplify the Core Implementation Practices

Once your school commits to Core Knowledge, all you have to do to be recognized as a member of the Core Knowledge community is fill out a school profile form. Schools that wish to be recognized for a particular distinction can apply to become a School of Distinction. Learn more about Schools of Distinction now!

Get Started with Core Knowledge

Successful implementation begins with understanding and embracing the philosophy behind the Core Knowledge Sequence. To do this, we encourage you to:

  1. Become familiar with Core Knowledge and our mission, goals, and philosophy.
  2. Review the Core Knowledge Sequence Implementation Guide.
  3. Read some of our additional publications.
  4. Visit Core Knowledge schools.

Contact the Foundation

Contact the Core Knowledge Foundation. We will be pleased to:

  • provide you with lessons we've learned by working with hundreds of great Core Knowledge schools;
  • support you in establishing a realistic budget;
  • assist you in creating a professional development plan that meets the needs of your staff; and
  • guide you in selecting reading and math programs that complement the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Build Buy-In

Making the commitment to join the Core Knowledge community is an important decision that involves a great deal of discussion among the central office and district stakeholders, school staff, parents, and others involved with the operations of the school. Ensuring genuine buy-in from teachers and other key stakeholders will put you on the path to success.

Learn more about the benefits of Core Knowledge and watch the Core Knowledge overview presentation to effectively communicate your vision to stakeholders.